ALERT: Magestry LARP This Weekend!

Wow, in all the Tabletop Day festivity news, we completely forgot to let you all know that a Magestry LARP is happening this weekend! Should be a great time for all who can make it!

It’s going to be at Chesterfield Scout Reservation [22 Sugar Hill Rd, Williamsburg, MA 01096]. The fee is $60 for Player Characters, and free for Non-Player Characters. You can find a lot more information about the gameworld and how to play here:

The next event takes play Friday, April 10th – Sunday, April 12th. The game runs 24/7 over that time, which sounds kind of awesome! And while this weekend is a bit short notice, the next event is going to be Friday, May 8th – Sunday, May 10th.

You should check out this introductory video talking about what to bring to a Magestry LARP:

Allow us to briefly recount our experience observing adorable LARPing. While visiting Tam Tams in Montreal, which is basically a field that people go to to either join a drum circle or a quick impromptu LARP fight. There, we saw a family that came together as they must have most weeks. The dad was obviously an old hand, and super into it. He had an enormously detailed suit of plate-mail armor, and a beautiful boffer sword. He had two kids with him who were basically painted like the Scots in Braveheart and they were around 12 and 6 and that whole family had just a great time walloping people with foam swords.

The six year-old girl got the majority of their kills on account of everyone pretty much deciding it would be more fun to give a small child a chance to pretend they were a rampaging berserker than to exploit the reach advantage that comes with being three feet taller than your opponent. Anyway, the point is that if you have any interest in this sort of fantasy environment LARPs honestly seem like a great time for everyone.

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