June 15th – June 21st

XMen112CoverThe Valley Nerd Watch!

Great big news! Play Anything – Board Games & Beer at the Deuce is back next week, Sunday the 28th! It spun out of the International Table Top Day event, because the organizers realized that it’s a very fun time for everyone involved and they should do it more often! So if you missed the last event, now is your chance to come spend a fun afternoon at your friendly local bar playing board games with a bunch of people who are real nice.

Actually we want to talk a bit about games, and in particular introducing new players to games. It is great fun to introduce new people to games that you particularly enjoy, but there are a few things that you need to bear in mind when new people are playing.

First of all, you should make sure that you’re introducing them to a game that you know well enough to set up and jump into quickly. No one likes waiting for a half hour while being half-told half-read the rulebook. Second, try for slightly shorter games. Even “short” board games are a pretty big time commitment for people who are just starting out. Don’t casually suggest a game of Arkham Horror. Third, know when it is time to quit.

The time to quit might not be when the game is won or lost. It might be when you see that look on some faces that says “oh shoot, I don’t think I actually like this.” Quitting doesn’t mean “no more board games forever” and it doesn’t mean “this game is horrible”. It just means that right now you can have more fun moving on to a different experience.

The nice part is that because of a very generous player-base, Board Games & Beer at the Deuce always has a ton of games, too many for even a crowd to try them all. So don’t be afraid to stand up mid-way through a middling game of Munchkin and declare that you’re starting a new game of Pandemic!

Remember! Check out the Weekly Events page and the Events Calendar! A lot of really fun stuff is hiding on those pages! Bookmark them!


Board Games:

Saturday, June 20th
Off the Wall Games [41 Russell Street, Hadley, MA 01035] at 11:00am
Malifaux Torunament: 50 SS
Malifaux is a new one to us, but it seems neat! A sort of steampunk Warhammer, it looks like? Presumably there are many major differences that actual miniatures players would see a mile away, but that’s what it looks like at first glance. Check out the page at The 131 explaining the tournament! Crews do not need to be painted but must be fully assembled. Rounds will be an hour and forty-five minutes, with fifteen minutes for setup. Preregistration is $10, registration at the event is $12. Store credit prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and best painted.


Next week, the Nerd Watch will have a comprehensive Book Club Listing as a separate page, so you can actually read things before the book clubs happen!


Thursday, June 18th
Greenfield Public Library [402 Main St, Greenfield, MA 01301] at 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Super Heroes Club
Contact Kay Lyons at (413)-772-1544 if you’d like more information about this one. This mysterious meeting of our costumed crime-fighting protectors takes place in the LeVanway Meeting Room. To be frank, we’re surprised it’s been made public.


Thursday, June 18th
Common Media [84 Russell Street, Hadley, MA 01035] at 6:00pm
Western MA Drupal Meetup
You can find the official signup at https://groups.drupal.org/western­-massachusetts. There are generally drinks to follow at a place TBD at the meetup. Come sharpen your Drupal skills with fellow developers!
Friday June 19th
Forbes Library [20 West St, Northampton, MA 01060] at 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Minecraft Club
Come to the community room of the Forbes Library to play some friendly Minecraft with other participants! You must bring in your own log-in for Minecraft. There are computers available for use, but you’re free to bring your own device if you like! Register at the children’s desk or call (413)-587-1010 to reserve a spot!
Packard’s Bar, Library Room [14 Masonic St, Northampton, MA 01060] at 8:00pm
Northampton Webdive – After Dark
The sultrier twin of the Northampton Webdive – After Work! A regular meeting of web-related people. Makers, designers, coders, whatever you do if it is on the web these people are your pals! The Nerd Watch has met some of the regulars and can confirm they’re really great people to speak with about web-things!


Thursday, June 18th
Modern Myths [34 Bridge Street #4, Northampton, MA 01060] at 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Queers in Comics and Games Discussion Group
A great discussion led by the store manager, Melissa. When we went, we met a lovely group of people who were happy to spend time thinking and discussing issues relevant to their own experiences and those of other people. They were empathetic and welcoming, and they had great recommendations for books to check out! It’s a great time for both newcomers and veterans to the comics world.


Saturday, June 20th
Forbes Library [20 West St, Northampton, MA 01060] at 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Salt of the Earth Screening
Join the Northampton Committee to Stop War in the Community Room for a free screening of a classic movie about worker’s rights and gender relations. It seems like something that might interest politics nerds a lot!


Monday, June 15th
Comics n’ More [31 Union Street, Easthampton, MA 01027] at 3:00pm – 7:00pm
Public RPG: Dungeons & Dragons
Let’s talk bards. Bards are the butt of a lot of jokes, everyone. And for good reason, they’re very silly. But that’s what makes them perfect for D&D! It’s not a life-or-death situation for reals, so you are free to explore the spectacular opportunities available to you, like making a high strength bard who plays with a full drum kit, and needs to set up before each encounter. Try some strange combinations at this event or just use a pre-rolled character and dive in!
Thursday, June 18th
Comics n’ More [31 Union Street, Easthampton, MA 01027] at 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Public RPG: Edge of the Empire
Woo! New Star Wars RPG! There’s something almost transgressive about playing a world that you’ve been a fan of for a long time. Here’s what we recommend you try with any Star Wars RPG: don’t be a Jedi. Really: Don’t Be A Jedi. You’ll want to eventually, even if you don’t right now. But it’s much more fun to role-play in a world where there are super-powerful people who can hop into your plans and wreck things than it is to be the super-powerful people, trust us!
Saturday, June 20th
Modern Myths [34 Bridge Street #4, Northampton, MA 01060] at 11:00am
Free RPG Day!
A big event! An all-day tabletop role-playing jam. Free adventures and sample rulesets will be available from various sponsors, and if you stay and play short 2-hour intro sessions, you’ll get more swag! There are new games starting every two hours at 11:00am, with D&D “First Quest” sessions running all day! Find a game you love at a store you love!
Sunday, June 21st
Comics n’ More [31 Union Street, Easthampton, MA 01027] at 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Fear the Living RPG Demo
A local creator is going to come in to run his successfully Kickstarted zombie RPG, Fear the Living! It sounds like it’s a really interesting system, allowing for more unique zombie-based play than just the standard Heroic Journey to a Safe Place, and hey: the creator will be there DMing! That’s awesome!

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