14 Days Kickstarter is Up!

In case you haven’t already heard, the Kickstarter for 14 Days, a game created by local game developers Hannah Shaffer, Evan Rowland, and Joshua Yearsley, is a go!

14 Days is a game about chronic pain, and migraines in particular. It’s also a game about empathy and understanding. It’s a serious game, but it’s a serious game that’s easy and interesting to play.


From the Kickstarter Page:

14 Days matters because it’s hard to talk about pain. Migraines are widely misunderstood, making it hard for people who get migraines to find the support they need. This game is a communication tool for hard-to-communicate experiences.

14 Days explains the challenge of migraines not through descriptions of pain, but through the concept of lost time. The experience of lost time and missed opportunities is something anyone can relate to, which helps make 14 Days a meaningful experience for all types of players.

We’ve played 14 Days, as part of the playtesting process. James, having suffered from migraines for a long time, appreciated the opportunity to engage in some empathetic play with other people. It was a better manner of explaining the worry and annoyance and pain of migraines than just trying to describe them to people.

We’re really excited to see this game take off! We’re always excited to see local people create interesting things!

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