Local Podcasts!

Ever since the invention of podcasts – when all radios in the Northern hemisphere intercepted a panicked discussion between a group of survivors of the Great Hiveship Anaximanious who had accidentally flipped their escape pod’s internal tele-speak on “broadcast” during a panicked hunt for the SOS transmitter before having an enlightening conversation about comedy, music, movies, board games, and oddly enough the American penal system – we’ve all been fans of this on-demand radio for the internet.

There’s a podcast for everyone! And now that’s truer than ever, with LOCAL podcasts diving onto the scene like majestic eagles. Each of these podcasts is the recipient of a special award that we definitely did not make up on the spot.

Top One About Games Featuring Two Friends Bickering: Chairmen of the Boards

  • What it’s about: Board and video-style games. Mostly the sort of bickering back-and-forth you get after completing a game and thinking about what you liked or did not like about it. Organized into loose themes like “open-world games” and “betrayer games”.
  • Who’s on it: Jesse Mayhew and Arvid Nelson. Arvid is an author, co-created and currently writes the comic Rex Mundi for Dark Horse, and works on video games. Jesse Mayhew performs labor in exchange for remuneration.
  • Why you should give it a listen: It’s only a few episodes in, but they’ve got a pretty solid rapport that’s easy to listen to. They’ve also managed to focus much more effectively than a lot of the chatty podcasts we’ve listened to. The discussion is on-topic and usually about a half hour. Because they don’t drift too much, you usually get a better understanding of the topic in less time than you might from a 3-hour “let’s talk about whatever in games” podcast.
  • If you’d like to be a guest: Contact them! They’re interested in speaking to local game designers and probably interesting and charismatic local folks in general.

Top One About Psychosocial Games Featuring Two Sisters Pleasantly Discussing: Games People Play

  • What it’s about: Games, but not that sort of game! Based on an old psychological theory proposed by Eric Berne about how social interactions are “games”, this podcast examines various social “games”. Things like “the 30-life crisis game”, played by both 30 year-olds and the sort of people who ask “so when are you settling down?”. Or the Christmas/Holidays Game where you try to achieve a Good Holiday without feeling horrid. It’s super high concept for a chatting podcast and we’re totally into it.
  • Who’s on it: Local game designer Hannah Shaffer and her sister Alanna, a local comedian and writer.
  • Why you should give it a listen: The high-concept premise is worth the price of admission in our opinion. Hannah and Alanna get along well and are easy to listen to. The structure of the discussion allows them to bounce back and forth between discussing more standard game design and discussing social structures that we tend to think of as invisible rather than designed.
  • What’s the theme music like: It’s totally awesome.

Top One About Comics and Games and Movies and Everything By A Local Comic Shop: Mythspoken

  • What it’s about: Basically all of the stuff that people working at Modern Myths are into! It covers a really wide swath. Talking to creators, talking about how to use Kickstarter, talking about comic movies, talking about race in gaming, talking about lots and lots of things. It is currently defunct, but the Modern Myths newsletter has said that this year it’s going to be back in business! We await it excitedly!
  • Who’s on it: The friendly folks at Modern Myths! It varies, and in particular the next set of people will be different from the current set of episodes since the staff has changed in the meantime.
  • Why you should give it a listen: Freewheeling discussion of a wide variety of topics that holds up even years later! The folks at Modern Myths are nice and also well-versed in the nerd stuff they’re discussing.
  • When’s it coming back: IT IS A MYSTERY but we’re hoping it’ll be soon.

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