The Wayward Astronomer: James’s Friend Is Doing a Thing

Note: This is in no way a Valley-based thing, I just want to do a little to help out a friend who’s making some art.

So my pal Geoff is a guy who I’ve known since high school.

He’s currently working at a private space company building a spaceplane. You might recognize this as an occupation that I have always dreamed of having. It sounds super neat and also seems to actively be excellent based on what I know about the folks he works with and the work he gets to do. He’s living out the dream he’s had since he started reading sci-fi and that’s awesome. It would be understandable for me to be deeply jealous of Geoff, but I can’t be. Because Geoff’s also working very hard on possibly the only thing nerdier than building a spaceplane: fanfiction.



Geoff is a huge fan of the comic Dreamkeepers. It’s about talking-animal space alien people and it’s not something I actually read, but it seems like a good adventure story. He’s such a huge fan he wrote a fanfiction novel about it called “The Wayward Astronomer” that has become canon.

To clarify, I don’t mean to say that fanfiction is lesser-than. Fanfiction is just a story being told and stories should be judged as neat or not on their own terms. It’s just indisputably nerdy. It requires a deep and abiding love for a particular piece of media that can’t be contained by mere consumption. And I find his unabashed enjoyment of Dreamkeepers and of the craft of writing too charming to succumb to the jealousy that boils beneath my skin even now.

He loves the world of Dreamkeepers so much that even while working what can only be described as a spectacularly difficult job he spent a ton of his free hours for the past five years putting together a fitting tribute in the form of a novel. Here’s the pitch:

Our hero is a young astronomer, Hal Adhil. He spends his evenings watching the sky high up in the Starfall Mountains with his friend and fellow astronomer, Miri. Here, far away from watchful eyes, he can indulge in using his unique but forbidden power: the ability to see all forms of light. Nestled safely in the remote observatory, the troubles of the city and his past life are far from sight and even farther from mind, but no calamity can be ignored forever.

When a meteorite crashes nearby, Hal and Miri set out to find it. Unfortunately, what they go out looking for, and what they find, are two very different things. After a chilly encounter turns violent, Hal is left for dead and abandoned. He is unwillingly thrust into a dark conspiracy that threatens the life of everyone in Anduruna, where the difference between friend and enemy is impossible to see. He has no choice left but to fight to reclaim the things he lost, and solve the mystery of the meteor… before time runs out.

He’s doing a Kickstarter to get the book published in a for-real actually on bookshelves manner, and I think that if you think the story sounds interesting you should take a look. I feel comfortable recommending you back the project because Geoff is a hardworking and dedicated person who is taking great pains to do this right.

I wish him the best of luck!

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