We have a Patreon!

Hello friends!

So, we’ll be brief because basically the important part of this post is contribute to our Patreon it is a good idea but we wanted to give a bit of context to this spectacular opportunity.

You can support us with a buck per issue in order to get a thank-you note AND a sticker so come on, that’s great. You can also support us for a bit more and get the ability to send us as your loyal cats-paw to various local events around the Valley!

Have you ever wondered what it was like to attend one of the LARPs around here, but been nervous to try it yourself? Let us go for you! We’re willing to do whatever you think would be interesting, and give you a clear idea of what the experience was like for us and what we believe it would be like for you. We’ll work to gather any and all data we can to ensure you know what you’re getting into. We want to take the pressure off that first step!

At the final level, you can take even more control of our lives like some sinister puppet-master, and tell us what work you’d like us to purchase and review, or what events you think need to be featured in the top matter of the weekly newsletter.

We will strain against these fell bonds, but as you know our secret name it will be in vain. We will bide our time while you cavort in your power, aware that a mere mortal cannot hold us forever.


We love writing the Nerd Watch, it has been a non-stop thrill ride of fun people, fun places, and oddly formatted event calendars. We like every bit of it, and we want to do it for a long time coming. But it takes time and effort to do properly! It can be hard to fit that into a full-time workweek and a social calendar packed with boardgame nights, state dinners, and elaborate balls.

We want to use this Patreon as an excuse to not just keep devoting this time to the Nerd Watch, but to devote a ton more time. We want to do new features, we want to come up with interesting new ideas to help out local creators, we want to find more stuff around the area that you may not have heard about. If you think that sounds like a cool thing to support, contribute to our Patreon it is a good idea!

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