Job Opportunity at Smith College for Industrious Nerd with the Design Thinking Initiative

We received notice from a representative of one of our wonderful Five College schools that there’s a pretty amazing sounding position available at Smith that makes us kind of wish we’d spent years learning an entirely different trade.

You can apply right here:!

Prototyping Studio Coordinator

Full-time, limited term. It’s a three-year gig, during which you’re going to be providing technical and creative support for the Design Thinking Initiative including operation of the equipment and developing learning materials for projects.

You’d be responsible for organizing and maintaining this studio space, ensuring students and faculty have access to it, testing new processes and equipment, maintaining things, stocking materials, training folks, running workshops, communicating the vibrancy of the Design Thinking Initiative with neat projects…

Frankly it sounds like they basically are giving you a space full of awesome tools and telling you to make the most of being there. For a certain type of person we feel like this might be heaven.

Qualifications Needed:

A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or some related field.

One to three years working with customer service or students.

Or an equivalent setup of education/experience.

Skills Required:

Familiarity with Makerspaces, 3D printing, laser cutting, circuit assembly, and related software.

Ability to troubleshoot all the horrible problems you will definitely encounter during any work with the above.

Experience working collaboratively, particularly with students.

Creative experience of some kind strongly preferred.

Does this sound good to you? Do you have the required skills? Then get yourself to the page and apply right now! You deserve an awesome job, and this sounds like one.

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