Hack for Western MA!

Hey this is a thing we did a while back and it was a ton of fun and really useful for a bunch of folks. Now, they’ve changed the setup somewhat, but it seems equally fun and useful. Instead of doing a traditional kind of freewheeling hackathon, they’re going to work with a single organization to solve a problem and make sure it deploys well. Here, from the proverbial horse-mouth:

For those that are feeling dismayed and powerless after the election: We are organizing developers, UX designers, design thinkers, graphic designers, data scientists, project managers, NGO leaders, hackers, and others who want to be active in our community.

We are planning an ongoing initiative that works to deliver technical solutions to organizations we believe in. As an alternative to a traditional hackathon, we plan on working with one organization on a specific technical challenge and carry the project from design to deployment. Come to our first meeting to connect with other like-minded people, build consensus on shared values, and brainstorm project ideas.

Join us from 6:00pm – 7:30pm on Thursday, December 1, 2016. Childcare is available during the meeting. Dinner and drinks are on us!

It’s at Cultivate and Nest, 2 Bay Road Hadley, MA 01035.

So yeah this is a real opportunity to put skills you’ve got to use! They can probably figure out how you can contribute even if you feel like a rank amateur, but of course those of you who are dab hands at coding are extremely appreciated.

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