Valley Nerd Watch Game Pack Giveaway!

We’re starting something new!

After realizing that our total pile of “Things We Got In a Bundle That We Either Already Have or Don’t Really Think Are Our Cup Of Tea” is standing at over 100 games we have decided to do the only sensible thing: give them away to subscribers!

Valley Nerd Watch Game Giveaway: Stay Silent!

What games are included in this first pack?

Mark of the Ninja: Hide and seek your way through some really well-made maps that are a lot of fun. Probably our favorite recent stealth/action game.

LIMBO: A game about being a small child who mostly tries to not get killed by a terrifying, uncaring world!

Sir, You Are Being Hunted: A very British stealth/survival game about eating cakes and drinking tea and avoiding terrifying robotic hunters on a mysterious island you’ve teleported to!

Invisible, Inc.: Rebuild your spy agency by stealing from mega-corporations and break into the secret supercomputer that can wipe your agents personal data from the grid! It’s really amazing and we love it.

Good luck, and have a great month!

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