AEGIS: A Locally Developed Strategy Boardgame Kickstarter Success


Hello! Just letting you all know that a game we played and enjoyed which was developed by some local folks out in Worcester had a fine showing in a recent Kickstarter to which you can still contribute! There are eight more days to go and a few more stretch goals to unlock, like custom dice!

Mostly this is a reminder to you that you can use the Kickstarter as a pre-order of a fun locally developed game if you’d like! We wrote about playing it previously and it boils down to being a very quick to set up and play tactics game in the vein of Battletech but without all the incredibly detailed fiddliness and with the silliness of robots that become arms and legs for bigger robots.

Not certain if that sounds like your thing? Try the demo on tabletop simulator!

Get your copy today!


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