Late Nerd Watch! VOTE!

We gotta turn in the Nerd Watch late this week because we were canvassing!

Canvassing is good and everyone should do it. It is mostly about keeping track of how many good dogs you meet.

Now vote. Yes on 3!


Voting on Election Day

Where do I vote?

Every address is assigned a polling place. Visit to find your polling place.

You may also call the Elections Division at 1-800-462-VOTE (8683) for help finding your polling place.

All polling places are required by federal and state law to be accessible to elderly and disabled voters.

When are the polls open?

The polls must be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for state elections. Some municipalities may open their polls as early as 5:45 a.m. Contact your local election official to verify your polling hours.

How do I find out what offices and candidates are on my ballot?

Sample ballots as well as instruction cards are posted at the polls on Election Day. You may also view a sample ballot at

I registered to vote, but my name is not on the voting list—what do I do?

If you registered to vote, but your name is not on the voting list, ask the election officer in charge of the polling place to check your registration by looking at the inactive voter’s list and by checking with the city or town clerk to see if you may be registered in another precinct in that municipality.

If they still cannot find your name, you may go to city or town hall to attempt to establish your identity as a registered voter or you may cast a provisional ballot at the polling place.

To cast a provisional ballot, you must complete a provisional ballot affirmation declaring that you are a registered voter in the city or town and that you reside in that precinct. You must also show suitable identification.

After the election, the local election official will search for records to confirm your voter registration. If your eligibility is confirmed, your ballot will be counted. If your eligibility cannot be confirmed, your ballot will remain sealed in an envelope.

What happens in the polling place?

In Massachusetts, every voter casts a paper ballot. When you enter the polling place, you must go to the check-in table where you will be asked for your name and address.

Once you get your ballot, you go to a booth where you mark your choices for candidates and ballot questions.

After marking your ballot, you must go to the check-out table and again provide your name and address before depositing your ballot into the ballot box.

What if I need assistance?

If you need assistance because of vision impairment, disability, or inability to read or to read English, you may seek help from any person of your choice, including from the election officials in your polling place.

You may also ask the election officials to show you to the AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal, an accessible ballot marking device which allows you to mark your ballot privately and independently. There will be at least one AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal at each polling location. After inserting the ballot into the AutoMARK, the voter can review the ballot and make selections by using the touch screen and/or the keypad, while listening to the ballot over a set of headphones. The AutoMARK will mark the ballot in accordance with your choices, by filling in the corresponding ovals or connecting the arrows on the ballot. The ballot will then be returned to you to be deposited into the ballot box.

What if I make a mistake on my ballot?

If you make a mistake on your ballot, you may request a new one. You may request up to two new ballots.

Can I bring materials into the polling place?

Yes, you may bring materials into the voting booth. You can bring pre-printed brochures or pamphlets or your own notes, but you cannot display those materials while in the polling location. You must take any materials with you when you leave the voting booth.

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