No Nerd Watch This Week Either, Obviously

We planned to have one this week but thanks to some extremely nice but also extremely taking-up-our-time news we didn’t really have any time to put a standard Nerd Watch together. Then, we had a ton of housework to do that meant that we didn’t even remember to put up the “We can’t do the Nerd Watch this week” post yesterday.

So! That’s that then, see you next week. It’ll be a fun time! We miss doing the Nerd Watch!

Although we WILL take the time to say that you should check out Wednesday Games at the Brass Cat this week! It’s always great and we miss going. This is a special week, too!

“This week I am super excited to have local designer William Miller to show off his new game-in-progress, Eon! Will has been working on Eon for the better part of 10 years and is looking for more feedback. I got to play the game a few times about a month ago and found it intuitive, interesting and very clever! It’s SORT OF area control, its A LITTLE BIT of hand management, and I thought it was A LOT of fun.

When we played, the games ranged from around 1 – 1.5 hrs. Will has 3D Printed some wonderful interlocking pieces and is happy to walk folks through the game and answer any questions. If you like poking at designs in progress, this is definitely something worth checking out!

Also, this frees me up to play ALL THE OTHER GAMES! I’ll have my usual absurd pile and be running around teaching anything that catches your eye!

Bring your friends, Grab your beverage of choice and let’s play some games!

See you all on Wednesday!”

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