Big Changes! Exciting News!

Hello loyal readers!

We’re making some changes to how the Nerd Watch operates. Basically, we spent last year finding a lot of events from a lot of places to put into the weekly newsletters. That takes a reasonable amount of time, and it’s not exactly a fun writing challenge because the time crunch generally makes us copy-paste stuff.

The thing we really like to do is the news posts up top, where we get to talk about what we’re into or point out something neat that someone in the Valley is up to. And we feel like we don’t get to do as much with those anymore because we have less time overall so we wind up just barely getting the list of events out.

Plus, creating the list is kind of annoying and complicated in order to keep it from taking even longer to make by hand in WordPress. We make a Google Sheet that we download and then parse with a Python script into HTML and then copy-paste and convert to blocks and then we need to inspect the published page source and copy it in order to make the MailChimp version look right. It’s kind of silly!

But then we had the revelation that this is something we get to change! So we’re doing that. We’re going to keep writing a newsletter every week, but we’re no longer going to try to keep you up to date on every single danged event going on in the Valley every week in that newsletter. We’ll highlight anything neat we find, but without trying to be exhaustive. We’ll also post some updates during the week about events we’re particularly into and maybe even do some interviews again! We liked interviewing people.

We’ll also be adding a page with all the links we’ve been using to find events so you can still find everything you need to. Please email us at if you’ve got any specific requests or suggestions as to content. We’re excited to hear about anything we could do that you’d find useful, since that’s the whole point of this site. We apologize if you found the previous style particularly helpful, but hopefully having that link list will help.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you have a great week!

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