February 17th – 23rd

Special We-Forgot-To-Post-Yesterday Edition!

First! Local Creator KC Green has an excellent new comic, Me And You. It’s available here! Also by clicking on the title in the sentence prior to the previous sentence. It’s about birds, and old-fashioned exaggerated cartoon violence.

Would you like to play board games? Start Playing Games, of course, is a good place to start. They’ll be at Mill 180 Park this week! [Thursday the 20th, 6PM – 10PM, 180 Pleasant St., Easthampton]. The featured game will be the fast and fun-sounding game Warsaw: City of Ruins! “In Warsaw, you’ll be building out your own little corner of the city. Hopefully you’ve got some commercial areas next to your residences. And everyone knows you want to keep the big loud industrial building away from people’s houses… but they make so much money! What will you do!? Also, how will your city survive when some of your tiles are removed from the game?”

Or maybe you’d like to spend a bit longer playing games? Tabletop Day at the Deuce [Sunday the 23rd, 1PM – 8PM, 50 Conz St., Northampton] should be happening this Sunday! All day! Games! Fun times! Probably like a 50% overlap with the folks you met at Start Playing Games!

And if you’d like to spend all Saturday playing games, look no further than Table Wars at Tolgy Wood [Saturday the 22nd, 10AM – 8PM, Tolgy Wood, 22 Sugar Hill Rd., Williamsburg]!

Join the throng for Table Wars: Episode III! Table Wars at Tolgy Wood is a recurring gathering of board game, video game, CCG, and tabletop RPG enthusiasts doing what they love. Usually the event spans an entire weekend, though this episode will be Saturday-only (with full lodging options for Saturday night, and heat/electricity-only cabin option for Friday night). This Episode will feature a Mario Kart Tournament! Matches will be projected up on the big screen so that all may be witness to your cartoon automotive dominance! Our snack bar will be open, serving a variety of food options at very reasonable prices. Sadly, we cannot allow outside food to be brought into the gaming areas. Alcohol is allowed but is BYOB.

Weird that you can drink but not eat!

There are also a couple Magic the Gathering events, one at Off The Wall [Friday the 21st, 7PM – 10:30PM, 41 Russell St., Ste 6, Hadley] and one with the Pioneer Valley Planeswalkers [Friday the 21st, 7PM – 10PM, College Church at 48 Pomeroy Ter, Northampton]!

Oh, also important to mention that Prodigy has two All Ages days this week! One Monday the 17th and one Sunday the 23rd (though it says the 22nd, but we’re pretty sure it’s always a Sunday event!), both at 10AM – 1PM. As usual, you need to be accompanied by an adult if you’re under 13, but it’s open to everyone! [116 Pleasant St, Suite 018, Easthampton]

Oh, and there’s science this week! Well, right at the beginning of next week but what the heck let’s let you know now as well, get you prepped: at SciTech Cafe [Monday the 24th, 6PM – 8PM at Union Station, Northampton] you can see “Atoms at Work: Quantum Mechanics, Qubits, and Quool Tools for Research and Technology” and learn the answers to the questions “What do atoms have to do with time? How might you navigate from Northampton to Boston with your eyes closed? How can physics break in to your emails? Or keep them safe?” or just take our word that the answers are ‘they’re roomates’, ‘keep screaming that you’re trying to get to Boston, someone will help’, and ‘it’s got a prybar’.

Are you a teen? Are you really into making food in a mug? That sounds like an odd series of questions but it’s actually just the case that two separate library events this week are about teens making food in mugs, so we want to make sure you see this. First, this Wednesday the 19th, you can head to Forbes Library to go to Chocolate Chip Cookie-in-a-Mug Class-Teens and Tweens Only [3PM – 4PM]! Then on the 20th head over to Palmer Public Library to attend the Microwave Mug Cake Cooking Class [2PM – 3:30PM, 1455 North Main Street, Palmer]! Why are there two of these in a single week? The real question is why only this week, eh? Not into mugs? Palmer’s got a Teen Melted Crayon Craft on Tuesday from 1PM – 3PM, and Forbes has Cookies with a Curator talking about teen podcasting from 3PM – 4PM! Oh and on Friday Jones has After-hours Laser Tag (ages 11-17)! [5:30PM – 6:30PM, 43 Amity St. Amherst]!

Books? We got books! How dare you suggest we don’t have books. Actually, first we have a recommendation for any comic fans or even not-fans, we recently read the collection “Mr Miracle by Jack Kirby”, which collects the first stories about this classic character and dang if they’re not 100% amazing. Nothing makes sense, everything is vibrantly colored, everyone is posing their heart out, everyone is shouting every emotion and it’s all perfect. Ask Comics N’ More if they have a copy, or if they can get one for you!

Anyway other book things: on Wednesday, February 19 at 7:00PM head to the South Hadley Public Library [2 Canal St, South Hadley, MA 01075] for a book talk and signing with Janice Kaplan, author of ‘The Genius of Women: From Overlooked to Changing the World.’

We tell girls that they can be anything, so why do 90 percent of Americans believe that geniuses are almost always men? New York Times bestselling journalist Janice Kaplan explores the powerful forces that have rigged the system—and celebrates the women geniuses past and present who have triumphed anyway.

There’s also a writing party at the Odyssey this week for younger writers hosted by Sharon Edwards, Robert Maloy, and Torrey Trust, authors of ‘Kids Have All the Write Stuff’ which we just feel terrible pointing out has a misspelling write in the title!

We attend parties to celebrate holidays, birthdays, family events. A Writing Party celebrates children as writers, talkers, tellers of stories, jokers, comic drawers, actors and creators of ideas.  This party offers ways for children to express the creative ideas they have in their minds by putting them on paper or screens … In this hour and a half event, we will introduce three different experiences, offer writers their choices, and publish the writing by reading it aloud, watching it acted, and celebrating the ideas that young writers found awaiting them as the party unfolds. Writers then take with them what they wrote.

Oh! And it’s not this week but you’ve still got time to read Among Others so you can go to the Book Discussion and Dinner at Packards [14 Masonic St., Northampton] next week on Thursday the 27th from 6:30PM – 8:30PM.

Tech this week! Webdive with the usual crowd of good folks who want to talk about computer things is happening at Progression Brewing Company [Wednesday the 19th, 6PM – 9PM, 9 Pearl St., Northampton] and then the new meetup Indie Founders and Side Projects is getting together the next day at The Dirty Truth [Thursday the 20th, 7PM – 9PM, 29 Main St., Northampton], and it somehow has drinks and snacks covered? That seems like it can’t be right because we know for a fact that you’d go bankrupt buying Dirty Truth pretzels for more than like three people.

History this week! Technically, history every week actually. But regardless Historic Northampton [46 Bridge Street, Northampton] is having a second go at the ‘Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the “Making it on Main Street” Exhibit’ on Friday and then ‘Homegrown Harmony: Early American Music on Main Street’ on Saturday from 5PM – 6PM, which will feature a presentation about how Northampton was home to some of the earliest choral singing and one of the most prolific music publishers in early New England! The presentation includes singing, obviously. Oh, that one’s at [The Northampton Community Arts Trust Building 
33 Hawley Street, Northampton, Massachusetts] from 11AM – 12PM.

Art? Is it art? Yes. Yes we think we can all Artist in Conversation: Lorraine O’Grady art. According to the event ‘O’Grady is an artist and critic whose installations, performances and texts address issues of diaspora, hybridity and black female subjectivity.’ Then at the Mead you can see “The Red Plague Rid You for Learning Me Your Language”: Artist Talk with Christopher Myers, an artist whose work ‘questions what it means to be an artist and to create art that is rooted in the experience of global cultural exchange.’

We’ve been playing a bit of Bad North and we like it! It’s a super-tiny RTS where you work through a series of battles on a little map, hopping from island to island as viking hordes pursue you, cutting off possible routes as they go.

We didn’t realize from seeing thumbnail images just how pretty it was! It’s a little zoomed-out cartoon during the battles, and all of the menu and character art has a nice chunky hand-drawn look.

All the units are pretty standard rock/paper/scissors, but with additional strategic considerations like pike-men not being able to fight while moving. It works in part because the battles are quick and the numbers are kept low. There’s none of the death-ball thing you get in a lot of RTS games where individual unit strengths and weaknesses start being irrelevant.

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