March 23rd – 29th

Want to help out with… all the shit that’s going on? Well, if you’ve got some spare cash you can do a bit. This is a good place to start! Lists a lot of ways to help out. You could also look here! That just splits a single donation among a lot of useful places.

First off: cancellations and such.

Off the Wall Games is still open, but it’s just for purchasing games. We… don’t recommend that you go to a store for non-essentials. All of their events are cancelled.

Hi Everyone,

As you may have seen, and as referenced in our last COVID-19 post, the MA government has indeed stepped in and changed our plans here at Off The Wall Games. So, effective immediately:

All scheduled events, including regularly scheduled Magic: the Gathering events such as Modern and Draft, are on hiatus until April 6th, or until further instruction is issued. We will attempt to reschedule all those that we can that were scheduled in the next 3 weeks.

The store remains open at this time for normal retail pursuits, and pickup games. HOWEVER, we will strictly adhere to a 25-person limit in the store at all times. We encourage that people exercise social distancing whenever possible, and encourage people to educate themselves on how best to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Stay safe, and we’ll keep you updated as events unfold.

Imaginary hugs and kisses (at the CDC’s behest),
Off The Wall Games

Holyoke Public Library is closed to the public until further notice.

Given the recent updates regarding COVID-19 from the Center for Disease Control and recent State and Local Emergency announcements, the Holyoke Public Library will be closed until further notice.

During the closure of City Hall, Schools and the Library, we encourage you to use our online services. Visit our website,, click HPL Academy tab for tutorials on how to access these resources.
If you have library items you would like to return, you can drop them off through the outside book drop any time.

All items that are checked out have new due dates until May 1, 2020.

If you are waiting for items you placed on holds: (1) If items were in the library before March 16, they will be at the library until we reopen. (2) If items are in transit, you will receive them when we reopen. (3) While our online catalog will let patrons continue to place holds, statewide delivery of materials has been suspended. Your holds will take longer to reach the library and may not be available for some time.

Overdue fines will be waived for all item return when we reopen.

For City Online services, click here.
For other City Online Services, click here.

Other libraries are also closed: Sunderland Public Library, Forbes Library, Jones Library, Goodwin Memorial Library, Westfield Athenaeum, Palmer Public Library, Greenfield Public Library

SciTech Cafe is also cancelled!

Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, we are abiding by the CDC’s recommendations of canceling gatherings of 10 or more people for the next 8 weeks. Our events in March and April are cancelled.  As of now, we are still planning on holding the June 1st event, but we will send an update closer to that date. 

Please practice social distancing measures, and LISTEN TO SCIENTISTS AND EXPERTS! Social distancing is not about your personal risk, it is about the risk of transmission to others down the line and the overloading our healthcare system. 

Here is a great simulation on why these distancing measures can work:

If you are on the front lines (healthcare, grocery store, essential services, etc), I wish you well, and thank you for your efforts. If you can stay home, stay home. If you regularly support a small business (house cleaner, gym, restaurant) please continue to support them financially during this time as your budget allows, even if you are no longer using their services.  

Other closures: Historic Northampton, Smith College Museum of Art, Mead Art Museum, The Emily Dickinson Museum, Historic Deerfield, The Yiddish Book Center, OEB Science Cafe, The Eric Carle Museum, Prodigy Minigolf, the Odyssey Bookshop, and Book Moon bookshop!

Springfield Symphony Orchestra is also closed up for the remainder of the season because of a gargoyle infestation. Wait, no. Still COVID-19.

Basically everything is closed. So… stick to the necessities.

Kids driving you up a wall? Want to entertain them and educate them and most importantly get them to focus on something anything that isn’t demanding something of you?

DigitalCamp and Dragons is here for you!

We’re an emergent online camp using roleplaying games!
DigitalCamp & Dragons is an exciting social camp your child can participate in from home while social distancing, open while schools are shut during the current crisis.

One teacher runs an analog roleplaying game (RPG) such as Dungeons & Dragons for a group of 4-5 kids two days of the week via video chat.

It’s incredibly engaging, genuinely educational, and an opportunity for your kids to socialize with peers from home for several hours a day.

Sign up for 1 week at a time, planning for up to 3 weeks of sessions.

Ages 8-9: 2 hour slot / $36 2 sessions – 1pm-3pm EST & 4pm-6pm ET W/F or T/Th
Ages 12-13: 3 hour slot $48, 2 Sessions – 1-4pm EST & 5-8pm ET W/F or T/Th
Ages 14-17: 3 hour slot $48, 2 Sessions – 1-4pm EST & 5-8pm ET W/F or T/Th

And oh dang some big news for board game players: Start Playing Games is going online for the foreseeable future!

Alright folks. Things have been pretty… interesting lately, haven’t they? Are you staying safe? Are you washing your hands a lot? Are you as reasonably socially distanced as possible? GOOD.

You all deserve some fun, so let’s have it! I’m running games out of Tabletopia Wednesday starting at 7! Tabletopia is an online tool for playing board games. It gives you the board, the pieces, THE CARDS, but just like in real life, you’re required to pick everything up and move it around. It used to be not that great. It’s now MUCH better.

I’m ‘featuring’ Fantastic Factories, a light engine builder about having the best manufacturing system. It’s relatively simple and intuitive, but like all good engine builders, lets you decide for yourself how to manufacture PRECIOUS POINTS.

For those of you who have never used Tabletopia, I’m going to run a SUPER quick tutorial right at 7 before I dive into the game (and I’m sure some of you run off to play something else, they have a pretty cool library).

First off, please follow this link to join the discord channel I set up: This will allow those of us with mics to talk with each other as we play (and also to hear me teach the game!). There’s also text chat as well if you don’t have a mic.

Discord also gives you a place to connect with each other to find games together (because let’s be honest, this game won’t play all of you at once). It’s an impressively intuitive tool.

I’m gonna try to do this weekly until some of our favorite places to go out in the world are safe enough to welcome us back. Let’s have some fun. SEE YOU ON THE INTERNET!

That’s so exciting! We’ll see you there!

Anything we missed? Let us know! We never catch everything and we’re always happy to hear from our extremely great readers.

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