April 6th – 12th

First, remember to wash your hands and never touch your face. Also remember that wearing a face covering is a good thing to do to lower transmission rates but

It’s mostly to catch your snot and/or spittle when you’re asymptomatic, to reduce spread. It’s not magic sickness armor. It’s just something that catches all the wet spittle we have learned we fling out our dang mouths constantly. Wear a something to cover your nose and mouth when you’re out and about, don’t touch your face to adjust it, don’t do anything you wouldn’t do without it, and keep washing your hands constantly.

Some folks have moved their events to the World Wide Web! That’s nice. First up is one TODAY SUNDAY SUNDAY SUN-DAY!

This Sunday, April 5th, we’re streaming the next MAKE TALK PLAY on Twitch! It’s an all-star cast of local game industry leaders discussing all the creative ways we’ve been coping, pivoting, redirecting, iterating, failing, and succeeding during this global pandemic.

We’ll kick off the stream at 6:45pm, but the panel starts at 7pm. To join, simply click here:

Anyone should be able to watch the stream by just accessing the url, but you’ll need a Twitch account in order to chat. Also, there’s an afterparty on Zoom. I’m certain it will be pure chaos and I can’t wait to see what happens. I’ll send out the link toward the end of the stream.

Looking forward to reconnecting with all of you again!
Pat | PVGD & Another Castle


On a global level, the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our lives. The majority of industries will be affected by this disaster. So how is this affecting our local game industry & community? How are we adjusting? How are we moving forward? How are we keeping from going insane inside our homes? Well, let’s find out together by asking local game industry leaders! Join us this Sunday, April 5th on Twitch!

That’s great! All the PVGD folks are nice, and it’ll be nice to say hi to them on a fun stream! The wonders of the internet!

Oh dangit we’re posting this late. Well… see if the afterparty is still going! And keep an eye out for future online PVGD events. Events they will hopefully announce early.

Forbes Library has a few new Virtual Events!

Far Out Film Discussion will have a zoom meeting to talk about the film The Golem : How He Came Into the World, a classic silent from 1920. It can be found online at kanopy or on youtube. To virtually attend this discussion, click the link : https://zoom.us/j/838291785

A Virtual Writing Room!

On Wednesday mornings (only) we will meet via videoconference at our regular time: 9:30-12:30, using the exact same structure as we would if we were gathered around the table in the Watson Room at Forbes. The only difference will be that we will be connecting by videoconference, rather than face-to-face.

Here’s all you need to join the Writing Room via Videoconference: To connect by smartphone, tablet, ipad, computer or laptop simply click on this link: https://zoom.us/j/290253666

I will come online 15 minutes before our starting time (at 9:15) to answer any questions you might have.  You will have the option to have your camera off or on, so you can join however you feel most comfortable. The sessions will NOT be recorded, and you have the option to be visible or not, so your privacy will be preserved just as it would if we were meeting at the library.

The photo on the page is an old monk, so we presume an old monk is saying all of that.

There’s also a specifically gentle Yoga via Zoom from 9:30AM – 10:45AM Wednesdays! Gentle seems nice, we tend to need yoga to operate on a level barely above that one where you just lie down on the ground.

This month’s Nature and Environment Book Club discussion of Water in Plain Sight by Judith D. Schwartz will take place via Zoom! Email hcethatsme AT gmail.com for more information.

Jones Library, not to be left out, is going to livestream a discussion with local author Jennifer Rosner, discussing her new novel The Yellow Bird Sings on their Facebook page!

As always, Start Playing Online is happening on Wednesday the 8th from 7PM – 10PM! Be there or be square, hip cats. Join the Discord at https://discord.gg/fAM8yJw!

If you’re more into cards than boards, check out Pioneer Valley Planeswalkers or play Magic the Gathering Arena and submit your … look we have no idea what this whole process is we’ll let them explain.

Over the next three Fridays, you will have the opportunity to play an FNM event on MTG Arena and receive card backs. You can take a screenshot of the completed event page and share it on the corresponding week’s event. You will then receive a message with your code.

Modern & Pioneer // 7 p.m. // $5
4 rounds
4-0 $20 credit & Premium Promo Card
3-0-1 $15 credit & Promo Card
3-1 $10 credit & Promo Card
2-0-2 $5 credit & Promo card
Play all the rounds of the event and receive a promo or a premium promo based on your results!*

Stay safe! Wash your hands!

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