July 27th – August 2nd

Support protesters by donating to:

Do whatever you can. Find a protest (wear a mask, stay distant, stay safe), donate what you can, call your local government officials and ask why they’re spending more on police than they are on providing for people, go to virtual council meetings, write letters because some people still think letters mean more than emails, support your community any way you can.

Computer appointments are back at Sunderland Public Library! You need to wear a face mask and make the appointment in advance, and computer equipment will be sanitized after each use. Contact them at 413-665-2642 or at director@sunderlandpubliclibrary.org to make your appointment. It’s open Mondays 2PM – 4PM, Wednesdays 5PM – 7PM, and Saturdays 2PM – 4PM.

Prodigy Minigolf & Gameroom is also now open, with masks required! It seems… pretty alright to do that? We’re of the opinion that indoor eating/drinking is 100% definitely a hard no, but it seems possibly alright to do indoor activity while masked and generally not in close contact with folks? Dang would it be lovely to be in one of the countries with a functional central government.

And don’t forget you can order your comics from Comics N’ More’s great new website, or just email them directly if you want them to check their vast collection for a particular book! We just bought a bunch and it was easy and fast.

Oh, and virtual D&D for teens is now full at Jones Library, but you can sign up for the waiting list by heading to teens@joneslibrary.org!

Monday through Thursday from 10AM to 11:30AM you can schedule a 30-minute appointment with a librarian! You can ask for help with research; reading/watching/listening suggestions; ebooks, audiobooks, or video streaming; your computer, phone, or tablet; or anything else! Just click here to schedule!

This Monday from 8PM – 9PM you can check out the Virtual Far Out Film Discussion via Zoom.

Far Out Film Discussion will have a zoom meeting to talk about the english language debut High Life from acclaimed French director Claire Denis. The trailer can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtOwfo1ypOw. The film can be found online at kanopy: https://forbes.kanopy.com/product/high-life. To virtually attend this discussion, click the link : https://zoom.us/j/838291785

Also Monday from 7PM – 9PM at the SciTech Cafe you can check out “Why Sharks Matter: The Ecological Importance of Sharks, the Threats They Face, and How You Can Help” with marine biologist David Shiffman, Ph.D via Zoom! Learn about whether or not sharks are dangerous, whether we’re better off with or without them, and how you can help protect the oceans!

Tuesday from 7PM – 8PM is Virtual Teen Game Night with Olivia at the Westfield Athenaeum! Registration required, contact oeberli@westath.org! Grades 5-12 welcome!

This Wednesday you can hang out at the Virtual Book Discussion Group at Greenfield Public Library from 11AM – 12PM!

Missing talking about books with people? The Greenfield Public Library has just the thing to cure your book discussion blues. Join us every other Wednesday at 11am for a virtual book group! Grab a snack, get cozy on your sofa, and talk about what you have been reading while you have been home. Contact us at librarian@greenfieldpubliclibrary.org for the video link. We look forward to finding out what you have been reading!

Also Wednesday from 3PM – 3:30PM Jones Library will be livestreaming conversation with Debra Jo Immergut, a local author, about the new book “You Again”.

And of course Wednesdays from 7PM – 11:30PM are always for Start Playing Online! Play board games, meet fun new people, and generally have a grand old time online! You can join the Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/fAM8yJw! It’s a great night and you’ll usually get to learn a fun new game!

Thursday you can attend the Lawns Into Meadows Book Launch and Virtual Meadow Tour at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, virtually! We like Creeping Thyme as a quick replacement for grass. It’s fun, it’s pretty, it never grows all that high, and it smells nice! Much better than a short lawn. Plus bees seem to like it! Note: That last one isn’t a plus if you want to run through your yard barefoot.

VIRTUAL EVENT: In a world where lawns wreak havoc on our natural ecosystems, landscape designer Owen Wormser encourages another approach. Owen’s recently released book, Lawns Into Meadows, Growing a Regenerative Landscape, explains how to plant an organic meadow that’s right for your site.

In this virtual event hosted by The Hitchcock Center for the Environment, Owen will introduce you to his book and take participants on a tour through Bobbie’s Meadow at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. Owen designed this meadow now in its second season. He’ll show us some of the plants and talk about the ecology of the meadow, including how it actively provides habitat to many pollinators and other animals.

Books available for curbside pick-up at the Hitchcock Center or through The Carle Bookshop. Suggested Donation of $10. Co-sponsored by The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. Registration required, register here.

Also Thursday from 6PM – 7:30PM you can join a virtual session about Creating Peace & Sanity at Home w/ the KonMari Method by registering with RegisterPalmerLibrary@gmail.com. Or you can use our patented method: throw all of your belongings into one massive mound wherever there’s room, and only keep what you’ve gone through the effort to dig out at year’s end.

And from 6:30PM – 8PM on Thursday you can compete in the Triwizard Trivia Tournament!

Compete in teams to answer Harry Potter trivia questions.  There will be both book and movie questions.  Who will win the Triwizard Trivia Tournament? Play with friends and family from comfort of your own home.  So form your teams and sign up below! This event will take place over Zoom and use Kahoot.   You will need an extra internet connected device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc).  You can also split the screen of a computer to play. For all ages

On Thursday from 7PM – 8PM you can catch the AUTHOR TALK | “Klezmer: Music and Community in Twentieth-Century Philadelphia,” with Hankus Netsky at the Yiddish Book Center, virtually! Just sign up here!

“Klezmer: Music and Community in Twentieth-Century Philadelphia” provides a lively and detailed overview of the folk musical tradition as practiced in Philadelphia’s twentieth-century Jewish community. Through interviews, archival research, and recordings, Hankus Netsky constructs an ethnographic portrait of Philadelphia’s Jewish musicians, the environment they worked in, and the repertoire they performed at local Jewish lifestyle and communal celebrations.

On Friday you can hang out at Virtual Book Chat from 1PM – 2PM! Join by clicking this link: https://meet.jit.si/ForbesLibraryBookChat. Talk about whatever you’re reading, watching, listening to, or just hang out to hear what other folks are up to!

We’ve been playing Total War: Warhammer 2 and it’s a lot of fun! It’s a 4X game set in a world that’s so ridiculous that it doesn’t feel out of place that everyone is constantly at war with each other. Mostly we’ve enjoyed playing the out-and-out fantastical factions, evil rats and goblins and vampires and lizardmen. They amp up the silliness and the sense of taking a bunch of action figures and smashing them into a big pile.

It’s still one of those games that involves several dozen turns near the end of just sort of saying “I know I’m gonna win but I gotta clean this up…” which is the bane of all strategy games but it’s still relatively quick for all that. No need to do a thousand things per turn because you’re mostly smashing armies into other armies. And also, those are some extremely impressive looking army-smashes!

Also the Greenskins have a catapult that is just a bunch of goblins flinging another goblin with a wingsuit on into the air, and you can take direct control to guide them into the enemy. Delightful.

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