August 9th – 15th

Protests are still ongoing! It’s important to keep supporting folks, not just so that we see actual lasting change but also so that we keep protesters safe from retaliation.

Also call your congresspeople to demand they support the USPS, it’s a literally lifesaving institution that we can’t afford to fuck up.

Support protesters by donating to:

Do whatever you can. Find a protest (wear a mask, stay distant, stay safe), donate what you can, call your local government officials and ask why they’re spending more on police than they are on providing for people, go to virtual council meetings, write letters because some people still think letters mean more than emails, support your community any way you can.

The Jones D&D game is going into it’s final week, but if you’re a teen who’s into D&D and wants to find a party, I’d say it’s a good idea to email to get on a waiting list for the next time they’re doing this!

Monday from 8PM – 10PM you can attend the lovely Far Out Film Discussion via Zoom about Morven Callar!

Far Out Film Discussion will have a zoom meeting to talk about Morvern Callar, the 2002 film directed by Lynne Ramsay based on the 1995 novel of the same name. The trailer can be seen here : The film can be found online at kanopy : To virtually attend this discussion, click the link :

Oooh on Tuesday from 7PM – 8:30PM you can learn from Dr. Gegear about how to make a garden safe for pollinators in VIRTUAL: What’s the Buzz? The People-Plant-Pollinator Connection! We love bees, because they’re fuzzy little cutie pies that roll around on flowers for fun. Anything we can do to make life easier for them is great! The talk focuses on helping us accurately understand plan and pollinator interactions. He’s also made a “Beecology” app, which sounds lovely! Join on Zoom:

From 7PM – 8PM on Tuesday teens can play games at Teen Game Night with Olivia at Westfield Athenaeum! For grades 5-12, you can register at!

As always Wednesday from 7PM – 11PM is a delightful time to play boardgames online! You can join up with Start Playing Online’s Discord here: and then just hop on and play for as long as you like! We had a delightful time playing (and winning once!) Race for the Galaxy last week. Good folks, good games, goodnight!

The Forbes Zine Club has gone virtual! On Wednesday from 7PM – 8:30PM, you can check them out and learn more about what the Zine Club will be in the future!

Zine Club goes virtual! Come zoom with us so we can talk about what zines we’ve been reading or making or thinking of making! Let’s muse about what zine club can be moving forward! Zoom link:

The password – 614664.

Thursday from 10AM – 11AM kids entering grades 1-2 can hang out on Zoom with the Book Worms! Registration is required, contact to register!

Come read a book and do an activity with us over Zoom!  Each student who signs up will get a copy of the book to read and keep. You must be able to come to library to pick up the book and materials for the activity.  We will contact you to schedule a pick up time and day.

From 6:30PM – 7:30PM Thursday there will be a Marvel Movie Trivia Night! Details TBA, contact with inquiries!

Thursday from 7PM – 8PM you can attend a delightful MULTI-MEDIA TALK! | Bertha Kling’s Jewish Bronx Neighborhood, with David Mazower and Steven Payne.

The poet Bertha Kling attracted some of New York’s leading Yiddish writers, artists, and musicians to her literary salon. They gathered every weekend for several decades in her apartment on 181st St. in the West Bronx. Join Dr. Steven Payne in conversation with Yiddish Book Center bibliographer and editorial director, David Mazower, for a virtual tour of Bertha Kling’s neighborhood in the early-to-mid-twentieth century. We’ll see the neighborhood and apartment buildings where Bertha Kling lived and hear some Yiddish verse inspired by the local Bronx parks.

Steven Payne is the Librarian and Archivist at the Bronx County Historical Society. Steven completed his doctoral studies at Fordham University in 2019 in the history of ancient Mediterranean religion and social movements, though he has long cultivated wide-ranging interests in more modern contexts as well. At the Society, he is especially interested in documenting and illuminating the daily lives, cultures, and struggles of the Bronx’s shifting working-class populations from the nineteenth century until the present.

This live event will be presented via Zoom and will stream live on the Yiddish Book Center’s Facebook page. Space is limited. If you’d like to reserve a virtual seat in the Zoom audience—which will allow you to submit questions—registration is required.

On Thursday from 8PM – 9PM you can attend the Restless Reads Virtual Book Discussion – ONLINE!

Join us in August for an online discussion of a selection of short stories by Anton Chekhov, led by Amherst College professor and Restless Books publisher Ilan Stavans. This discussion is co-sponsored by the Jones Library, the Mid-Manhattan Branch of the New York Public Library, and Restless Books. Chekhov:  Stories for Our Time is a collection of Chekhov’s stories published by Restless Books, and contains the six stories we will discuss, as translated by Constance Garnett. 

We will be discussing the following stories: The Darling, About Love, Gooseberries, The Man in a Case, The Siren, The Letter

Follow this link for more information about the book, the author, and to register for the book discussion.  Registration is being handled by the New York Public Library, so don’t be surprised!  Information about how to connect with the discussion via Google Meet will be sent to you after registration, the day before the event.

Copies of Chekhov:  Stories for Our Time can be purchased from Restless Books or other vendors, including Amherst Books.  These stories, as translated by Constance Garnett, can also be found as an ebook and downloaded for free here, or found and read online in a Chekhov collection from Project Gutenberg.  Feel free to read from other translations, if you prefer!

Follow this link for more information about the Restless Reads virtual book club.

As always on Friday from 1PM – 2PM you can check out the Forbes Virtual Book Chat!

You are cordially invited to a Forbes Library Virtual Book Chat on Fridays at 1 pm! Participants may share what they’re reading, watching, and listening to, or just hang out to hear from others! Join the meeting:

On Sunday you can attend a Virtual Book Talk and Q&A from 5PM – 6PM with author Martha Ackmann, author of the recently released These Fevered Days! This program is free to attend and registration is required. Click here to register.

In These Fevered Days: Ten Pivotal Moments in the Making of Emily Dickinson, Ackmann unravels the mysteries of Dickinson’s life through ten days that distill her evolution as a poet. Following Dickinson through her religious crisis while a student at Mount Holyoke, her exhilarating frenzy of composition, her startling decision to ask a famous editor for advice, her anguished letters to an unidentified “Master,” her lifelong friendship with writer Helen Hunt Jackson, and her despair in confronting possible blindness, These Fevered Days utilizes thousands of archival letters and poems as well as never-before-seen photos to construct a remarkable map of Emily Dickinson’s inner life. The book provides new insights into Dickinson’s wildly original poetry and draws a vivid portrait of American literature’s most enigmatic figure.

The new Paper Mario: Origami King is delightful. A puzzle-action game with a ton of fun little touches and jokes about the paper-i-ness of it all. 100% recommended.

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