Help Us Get Out the Vote!

You already have heard from far more persuasive folks than us that you need to vote. Also, you’ve heard from us at least a dozen times because for real you need to vote.

If you’ve already voted then you need to get other folks to vote as well! Specifically it’s probably most useful to get folks in states that are riiiight on the line to vote, so that they wind up going to Biden and we can all maybe calm down one single solitary notch for the first time in forever next week.

To that end: sign up for FINAL FOUR DAYS TO WIN: Western Massachusetts Flips Texas & Beats Trump! It’s phone-banking which if you’re anything like us sounds a little like hell. It isn’t, though! It’s pretty danged straightforward. You say hi to someone, you ask them to vote, that’s about it. Well, that’s it in the like 3/4 times per hour you actually get a person on the line, the rest is just clicking a button that says “they hung up”.

It’s slower and harder to get volunteers for than texting because no one likes talking on the phone, but also it’s nicer when you do help someone because you get to hear a friendly person thank you for your help! If you take just a little time out of your day you might get someone to vote in an election that really needs to be a wave. Let’s do what we can to make that happen!

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