Fight for Net Neutrality

This is going to be pretty quick and simple because we’re using training-wheel WordPress that doesn’t actually let us do much with respect to JavaScript stuff. Go right now to and send a letter to Congress. Then call congress. Then tell other people to do the same thing. Hey speaking of not being able […]

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Check out The Other Son – A Comic Kickstarter from Local Creator Anna Leue!

Local Creator Anna Leue and excellent artist Ron Joseph have just launched a short Kickstarter campaign to get a print run of the excellent-looking Western comic The Other Son. Art looks neat, story seems like a classic Western Tale, and the printing issues have apparently already been ironed out. All that’s left is to actually […]

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It’s Epimas Eve!

We need to draw your attention to the wonderful Worlds Without Master, the magazine curated by the excellent Local Creator Epidiah Ravachol! Because it’s Epimas Eve! Tomorrow is Epimas, the holiday we all celebrate and understand implicitly! In order to celebrate Epimas, Epidiah put a bunch of awesome games and stories and comics on sale […]

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Hack for Western MA!

Hey this is a thing we did a while back and it was a ton of fun and really useful for a bunch of folks. Now, they’ve changed the setup somewhat, but it seems equally fun and useful. Instead of doing a traditional kind of freewheeling hackathon, they’re going to work with a single organization […]

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