Bonus Events!

No, not FORGOTTEN events. We’re implacable event-gathering machines, it’s impossible that in the course of putting up a bunch of stuff this week there were any events we missed, inconceivable! BUT ANYWAY there are some events we may have accidentally elided in our zeal to bring you the Nerd Watch in a timely manner. They […]

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Job Opportunity at Smith College for Industrious Nerd with the Design Thinking Initiative

We received notice from a representative of one of our wonderful Five College schools that there’s a pretty amazing sounding position available at Smith that makes us kind of wish we’d spent years learning an entirely different trade. You can apply right here:! Prototyping Studio Coordinator Full-time, limited term. It’s a three-year gig, during which […]

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We have a Patreon!

Hello friends! So, we’ll be brief because basically the important part of this post is contribute to our Patreon it is a good idea but we wanted to give a bit of context to this spectacular opportunity. You can support us with a buck per issue in order to get a thank-you note AND a sticker so […]

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So You Would Like To Be Heard

Recently we’ve become aware of the fact that several folks in town do interesting podcasts. That’s delightful! Podcasts are after all the radio of the future. But have you considered the radio… of the past? Which is to say just plain broadcast radio? Your local low power FM station – 103.3FM WXOJ Valley Free Radio – has resources […]

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SciTech Cafe Tonight!

Dangit, forgot to check off this monthly event from our Happenings List yesterday. There’s a SciTech Cafe tonight! It’s about how the universe began, near as we can tell. Professor Gary Felder will talk about why the universe is how the universe is and how it all began. He’ll explain the Big Bang Theory, too! […]

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