November 27th – December 3rd

The Valley Nerd Watch! We finished Vacationland by John Hodgman, a former resident of Massachusetts who once met Black Francis. It was a collection of good essays, with more cairn-building stories than we had expected but fewer cairn-building stories than we had hoped. It’s always interesting reading how other people deal with death, because we […]

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November 13th – November 19th

The Valley Nerd Watch! We got to see John Hodgman and Monte Belmonte at the Shea Theater this past Friday! It was very nice. There was a lot of very good audience interaction and Monte was a fun interviewer. It’s weird seeing a famous person make in-jokes about very local things. We’re sad that John […]

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October 30 – November 5th

The Valley Nerd Watch! This weekend we were busy with a Halloween party and general socializing so the only thing we really have to say is we just bought a copy of Bubblegumshoe and we’re excited to read through and put together a game! It features writing by local creator Emily Care Boss! Happy Halloween! […]

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October 16th – October 22nd

The Valley Nerd Watch! Happy October! We’re a bit busy this weekend so we just want to quickly and succinctly say: Go to Nerd Nite NoHo at the Academy of Music on Monday, October 23rd at 7:00pm! It will be a fun time and you will like it so why not? Plus it’s an excuse to […]

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September 18th – September 24th

  The Valley Nerd Watch! Lots going on this week! Of course the MOST important thing happening is that on October 23rd you will be able to attend the biggest event in the history of the Academy of Music: Nerd Nite at the Academy! It’ll feature two wonderful presenters discussing the most fantastic fringes of […]

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August 28th – September 3rd

The Valley Nerd Watch! This week is starting out pretty good we think! We recommend checking out the Queers in Comics & Games discussion at Modern Myths tomorrow. It’s a great place to meet new people and have a chat, and it’s a way to support a wonderful local shop! And you get a great […]

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August 14th – August 20th

The Valley Nerd Watch! This pleasant weekend we got to see our mom and celebrate the 100th birthday of our grandma, which was nice. There were small children there and when you made faces at them they either looked confused or they made the same face back which is pretty much all we ask for […]

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July 31st – August 6th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Good to see you again! We hope your week was wonderful. We had a great chance to hang out at the incredible Wednesday Games Night at the Brass Cat this past Wednesday, and we highly recommend you check it out! We got to play a little “trick-taking” card game called Spires […]

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July 24th – July 30th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Hello all you wonderful people out there! We’re extremely glad to bring you another issue of the Nerd Watch! This week let’s celebrate that local creators at Make Big Things made not just double, not just triple, not just quadruple, but QUINTUPLE their Kickstarter goal for their new game Damn the […]

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