May 8th – May 13th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Hello and yes! We’re back! This is again a live feed of everything interesting that we can remember to tell you about in the area that we define as the Pioneer Valley which roughly conforms to the common physical locations named as such. We’d like to call specific attention this week […]

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April 3rd – April 9th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Hello friends! Hope you’re having a lovely start of spring. Remember to come out to Nerd Nite NoHo next Monday! It’s going to be a very nice time where two excellent people will present about two excellent topics. We’ll have nature guide Kery Emma Ellis discussing the scourge of “Greenwashing” by […]

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October 24th – October 30th

The Valley Nerd Watch! The Spooky Month comes to a close this week! Well, almost. Make the most of it! Watch scary movies! Tell scary stories! Play a lot of Dread with your friends, because it’s by a local creator! This week we called on our lovely readers to head to Comics N’ More to […]

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