August 21st – August 27th

The Valley Nerd Watch! We had a wonderful time at Nerd Nite this past week! And guess what we made a special announcement and we’re going to re-make that announcement here, but later! Next time attend Nerd Nite if you want the scoop, folks. Nerd Nite NoHo is going to have a special show at […]

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June 26th – July 2nd

The Valley Nerd Watch! Pandemic Legacy was really really good! It was down to the wire on our last two games and boy howdy jeez it was just a very good time. We planned to play one or two games and we just had to finish it out because dangit we were so close on […]

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May 22nd – May 28th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Boss Baby was oddly good, some real nice physical comedy animating from Dreamworks. Good job, Dreamworks! Good job team of probably 100 animators doing some of the most grueling and boring work possible for only acceptable pay! We would also like to point you once again to the excellent new Valley […]

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March 20th – March 26th

The Valley Nerd Watch! NERDSummit was yesterday and today! Delightful time, good learning, nice people. Still time to check out a couple presentations if you’re in town! to see what’s still on order! This week we really want you to check out this extremely cool-looking kickstarter by notable local creator Rob Daviau! It’s for […]

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November 7th – November 13th

The Valley Nerd Watch! We played Settlers of Catan recently, because we’re very hip to the indie board game scene you know. It was fun! It was more fun with some danged house rules to get it a little bit speedier because yeesh there’s a point at which it doesn’t so much slide as plod […]

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Halloween to November 6th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Happy Halloween! We had a great Halloween party this weekend where we were the prettiest princess and also we’re playing horror games all weekend and also watching horror films, which is why Halloween should always be a Monday. Also in not Halloween news we finally got to try out a Vive […]

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October 10th – October 16th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Wow! Tons of neat events this week, over thirty! Be sure to check out Nerd Nite NoHo, because it’s excellent and everyone has a great time and it’s the third anniversary this week! It’s going to be about toxoplasmosis, diversity, and tropical bird conservation! We just had a chance to check […]

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14 Days Kickstarter is Up!

In case you haven’t already heard, the Kickstarter for 14 Days, a game created by local game developers Hannah Shaffer, Evan Rowland, and Joshua Yearsley, is a go! 14 Days is a game about chronic pain, and migraines in particular. It’s also a game about empathy and understanding. It’s a serious game, but it’s a serious […]

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