August 27th – September 2nd

The Valley Nerd Watch! Have you been to Eastworks lately? What about Mill 180 Park, The Indoor Park That Accidentally Made Itself Look Exactly Like What a Child Wants to Climb Upon? They’re both nice places full of nice things! Like parm fries. Also in case you weren’t aware, there’s a massive nation-wide prison strike. […]

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August 13th – August 19th

The Valley Nerd Watch!   Nerd Nite! Tomorrow! Be there and be square! It’ll be fun, we’re talking comic books and mafia history in the Valley. It’s at the World War 2 Club in Northampton, 50 Conz St., 7pm – 9pm. Hang out, meet new people, have fun. $5 at the door to pay our […]

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August 6th – August 12th

The Valley Nerd Watch! You should check out Nerd Nite! It’s happening Monday the 13th, at the World War 2 Club in Northampton! ‘How the Mafia Came to Springfield’ – Justin Cascio Pasqualina Albano and Carlo Siniscalchi were local royalty on Water Street in Springfield’s Little Italy at the start of Prohibition. But in his first […]

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July 23rd – 29th

  The Valley Nerd Watch! Check out the new fun thing in the hottest town in the Valley, Easthampton! It’s Prodigy, a mini-golf/games place open Wed – Sun for folks 13 and up, 13-15 accompanied by parents! There’s kind of a long story there but basically it’s got a complex mini-golf course handmade by a […]

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July 16th – July 22nd

The Valley Nerd Watch! Into the Breach is really, really good. Spectacular, even. Give it a shot if you’re at all interested in games in which you move around robots on a map and try to destroy gigantic bugs! It’s fun in part because so much of it is just like improvising a solution to a push-pull […]

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July 2nd – July 8th

The Valley Nerd Watch! The Families Belong Together event in Springfield yesterday was impressive and inspiring. The speakers included people who had lost family or loved ones for a variety of reasons, and who encouraged the crowd to do what needed to be done to keep families together not just at the border but in […]

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June 25th – July 1st

The Valley Nerd Watch! Go to a protest on June 30th if you are able to do so. If you show up, it will make a difference. People just want to know that their neighbors also realize kidnapping the children of asylum-seekers in order to torture them is wrong. It’s not a high bar. In […]

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June 11th – June 17th

  The Valley Nerd Watch! It’s E3 week and you know what that means! That means we want you to check out Nerd Nite NoHo! It’s our thing we do so we get to advertise it up here all the time and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop us. As always it’s at the […]

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May 28th – June 3rd

The Valley Nerd Watch! Sorry about the lateness but also, not really because it was for a reasonable reason. Migraines are bad,  folks! Take your medicine at the first sign of head trouble, and don’t try to convince yourself you can “tank it”. Blurgh. Have an excellent night! You’re great. Sorry some of this already […]

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May 21st – May 27th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Hello and thank you for reading! We had a great time at the most recent Nerd Nite, and we highly recommend you come to the next one! We made very good freshly-baked cookies, and everyone agrees that hey that’s pretty much going above and beyond you’re welcome. We also raised $50 […]

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