June 18th – June 24th

The Valley Nerd Watch! This week we want to let you know that the game Cultist Simulator is a lot of fun. Highly recommended to anyone who liked Fallen London/Sunless Sea, which the creators worked on previously, or who likes weird RPGs in general. It’s a kind of combination of a clicker game and a […]

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May 14 – May 20th

The Valley Nerd Watch! We’re going to have fun stuff at Nerd Nite NoHo this week! We’re going to be doing Beerology Beer Trivia at 7:00pm! So get here on time! We’re also going to be having the folks from Puzzled Escape Games in Eastworks! They’ll be bringing over some of their mobile game stuff, […]

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April 30th – May 6th

The Valley Nerd Watch! There’s a bunch of Free Comic Book Day festivities in the Valley on May 5th! Wherever you are, you can grab some excellent comic books for no cost whatsoever! Spend time hanging out in your friendly local store Comics N’ More, take a moment to say goodbye to Modern Myths, friend […]

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March 12th – March 18th

The Valley Nerd Watch! This week we want to call attention to two big nerd related events! Nerd Nite NoHo tomorrow at 7pm at the World War 2 Club in Northampton! It’ll be about lions and the mental state of our president. Two topics that are guaranteed to be interesting. Also we have cookies! Delicious […]

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February 26th – March 4th

  The Valley Nerd Watch! We watched the very good Netflix show based on the comic by Massachusetts local cartoonist Charles Forsman: “The End of the Fucking World”. It’s more British than the comic, and also it moves and there’s sound. It was really, really good and also sad! We cried. We recommend picking up […]

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February 19th – February 25th

The Valley Nerd Watch!   Folks! FOLKS! Black Panther was a hell of a film. Fun, with a half-dozen excellent supporting characters, some very well-constructed jokes that fit with the folks telling them, an extremely bright and interesting visual palette and some just frigging neat ideas. And a great villain! Charismatic and interesting with motivations […]

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February 5th – February 11th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Hey! Guess what is neat? You know the extremely popular podcast The Adventure Zone? Well their current game “Amnesty” is Powered by the Apocalypse! They’re playing a version of Monster of the Week, which is based on our very own excellent local RPG system! It’s basically like Lumpley Games is the […]

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January 29th – February 4th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Hello out there in Nerd Watch Land! We are excited to let you know that there’s a bunch of stuff to do this week! We recommend you check out Comic Craft & Craft Beer night at our friendly local comic shop, Comics N’ More! It seems like a fun time and […]

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January 22nd – 28th

  The Valley Nerd Watch! Polygon, a website where people write about games and culture and also create funny videos, ran a feature about writer Charlie Hall’s new years resolution to play more indie roleplaying games. Why talk about that in the Nerd Watch, you ask? Impudent fool! We talk about it because like half […]

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January 15th – January 21st

The Valley Nerd Watch! The Women’s March on Northampton is happening Saturday, January 20th! Check it out online and then in person later this week! We also super duper want to recommend Pyre. It was a great game that made us cry at the end. It’s basically like a sports RPG? Works perfectly in almost […]

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