October 2nd – October 7th

  The Valley Nerd Watch! The Spooky Season is here! Yay! Get a bunch of pumpkin-flavored whatever the heck, dress in whatever you think is coolest and don’t stop until Christmas! Also please take a moment to buy a ticket to Nerd Nite NoHo at the Academy of Music! It’s THIS MONTH and we’re 100% […]

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September 25th – October 1st

  The Valley Nerd Watch! This week want to remind you of two very important very fun science events! First! Tomorrow you should head to SciTech Cafe! It’s going to be an amazing time for everyone who attends! Learning, laughing, loving, it’s a getaway the entire family can enjoy. You’ll learn wild and weird facts […]

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August 21st – August 27th

The Valley Nerd Watch! We had a wonderful time at Nerd Nite this past week! And guess what we made a special announcement and we’re going to re-make that announcement here, but later! Next time attend Nerd Nite if you want the scoop, folks. Nerd Nite NoHo is going to have a special show at […]

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August 14th – August 20th

The Valley Nerd Watch! This pleasant weekend we got to see our mom and celebrate the 100th birthday of our grandma, which was nice. There were small children there and when you made faces at them they either looked confused or they made the same face back which is pretty much all we ask for […]

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July 31st – August 6th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Good to see you again! We hope your week was wonderful. We had a great chance to hang out at the incredible Wednesday Games Night at the Brass Cat this past Wednesday, and we highly recommend you check it out! We got to play a little “trick-taking” card game called Spires […]

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July 24th – July 30th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Hello all you wonderful people out there! We’re extremely glad to bring you another issue of the Nerd Watch! This week let’s celebrate that local creators at Make Big Things made not just double, not just triple, not just quadruple, but QUINTUPLE their Kickstarter goal for their new game Damn the […]

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July 10th – 16th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Spider-Man: Homecoming was a movie we really liked a lot, and we think we can recommend it pretty wholeheartedly. Dragged a bit in places, but overall our favorite take on Peter Parker as Spider-Man pretty much period in a long time. We also had the absolutely positive addition of a young […]

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June 19th – June 25th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Once you have moved into a new place, it is impossible to ever not feel tired again. Also, boxes. Anyway! Happy Father’s Day folks! We celebrated by buying a copy of the first volume of Usagi Yojimbo and a copy of Faith Erin Hick’s The Adventures of Superhero Girl. Also, some […]

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June 12th – June 18th

The Valley Nerd Watch! We just moved! Our new place is very very good and we like it but what we don’t like is that all of our muscles and organs are now gone. They transubstantiated about 4 hours into the move and now we’re mostly composed of noodles and it’s just not working out […]

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June 5th – June 11th

The Valley Nerd Watch! Happy Summertime, folks! We recommend taking the opportunity in this time of sunlight and sunheat to go outside and hang about! Amble around in the daytime and watch the stars at night! We’re… gonna take a minute to get on out there. We’ve got like a couple dozen hours of Persona 5 […]

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